How do I set up Tax Exemption?

Tax Exempt Purchasing Resale Certificates For Tax Exempt Purchases (US Only) To facilitate tax exempt purchases in the states in which you maintain a tax exempt status, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. must have on file the appropriate completed state Resale Certificate forms when you place an order online or through a dedicated Trade Representative. Although you may have already sent us a copy of your (re)seller’s license or permit, state authorities also require us to keep a complete copy of your signed Resale Certificate and/or Permit on file. To ensure that no sales tax is charged on future purchases intended for resale, please complete the following steps: NOTE: Because Rejuvenation has a separate tax identification number, you will also need to submit a separate signed Resale Certificate for each state you are seeking tax exemption for Rejuvenation purchases as well. Rejuvenation is unable to offer tax exemption in Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ) and Louisiana (LA). 1. Download all applicable Resale Certificates for each state* in which you are a reseller by clicking on the appropriate state name below (note that these forms have been pre-populated with Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s proper seller listing): Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Dakota Arizona Iowa Nevada Tennessee Arkansas Kansas New Jersey Texas California Kentucky New Mexico Utah Colorado Louisiana New York Vermont Connecticut Maine North Carolina Virginia District of Columbia Maryland North Dakota West Virginia Georgia Massachusetts Ohio Wisconsin Hawaii Michigan Pennsylvania Wyoming Idaho Minnesota Rhode Island Multi-State Form Illinois Missouri South Carolina For resellers in Florida, please provide a copy of your signed Annual Resale Certificate. For resellers in Oklahoma, please provide a copy of your Sales Tax/Exemption Permit. For resellers in Mississippi, please provide a copy of your Sales Tax Permit. For resellers in Washington, please provide a copy of your reseller permit. 2. Open the file from your computer (not within the web browser). Print, complete, and sign each Resale Certificate (and/or Permits) from Step 1 above. 3. Email all pages of completed Resale Certificates and/or Permits to Please include your name, company name, and membership ID within the email. Only one set of documents is required per firm. To receive tax exemption when shopping in our stores, please present a copy of your signed Resale Certificate or Permit to an associate. If you have further questions, please call (888) 837-4888 or email